Discover What You Can Unlock With VNN Team ELITE

Unlimited chat channels, text messages, emails, workouts & training libraries, school branding, and much more...



We have all the features you'll need to take your team or department to the next level. Here are some of our favorites.

Workouts & Training Libraries 

Create a strong team culture through an engaging digital training experience. From workout streaks to web-based leaderboards, VNN Team makes athletes actually want to work out.

Chat Channels & Messaging 

Create groups, and streamline unlimited chat channels, that include parents, athletes, and coaches.

Custom School Branding 

Get your own logo and school colors stamped on your custom mobile app. Keep everyone in your school on the same page.

Leaderboards & Tracking 

Create a culture of competition and accountability, and allow your athletes to compete using leaderboards accessable from anywhere.

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